[BAWD #02] Behold, Tech With Bolaji.

Hello, Awesome, I trust you're doing great.

I started my Blog in January 2019 and this Newsletter afterward but I haven't sent any letters out yet, well I've been creating content and busy with school. But here's the good news, I'm back and here to create more :).

BTW Bolaji, who are you?

I'm a GitHub Campus Expert, Front-end Developer, Open Source Advocate, and Technical Writer who currently works as a Digital Strategist at Renaissance Labs.
I'm passionate about building JAMstack and PWA applications with a great focus on accessibility and optimization alongside contributing to and supporting FOSS.
I love helping others, especially tech newbies and junior developers become better at what they do, growing above imposter syndrome, building a growth mindset and self-confidence.

I do this by creating technical content around the web and front-end development via technical articles on my blog, YouTube videos, and organizing small but inclusive communities/ events in my locality like LokojaYEM, Ingressive Campus, OSCALokoja, Facebook Developers Circle Lokoja.
I also speak at local meetups/ events and open to more engagements.

Hey, enough about you, what have you got?
Well, I have four packages for you:
1. An announcement
2. My recent articles
3. Special updates
4. Quote of the day

Aii, bring it on!!

Introducing Tech With Bolaji

Yesterday, I decided to start a YouTube channel to create more contents around web and front-end development. I made the announcement on my Twitter and asked for feedback from the community and got a whole lot of positive vibes, follow the conversation here

Currently, I don't have any videos yet, but I'm working on setting up my workspace for the videos. For now, you can subscribe and keep your fingers crossed. SUBSCRIBE HERE

Top recent articles

Okay, that's all for now, you can find more here

Special Updates

  • I created a Patreon account, If you want to support my current and future work, do so by becoming my patron here.

Shout out to Maya Shavin for becoming my first patron.

  • Angie Jones released her FREE Java course some time ago, you didn't hear? Head here to grab it now.

  • Open Source Community Africa Lagos would be having her next meetup next week, RSVP, date, and more details here

Quote of the day

”Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” —Albert Einstein

That's all for this letter, I'll send it more frequently. See you next time and keep trailblazing.

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