[BAWD #28] On JavaScript Text Guide and Online Presence Kit

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I trust you’re holding up amidst the disheartening news flying around Nigeria?! or you had a blissful week if you’re not in Nigeria. Btw, here’s a friendly reminder to stay positive, keep grinding, #KeepitOn, and pray for Nigeria.

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Featured Articles ✍️🏾

  1. The differences between Object.freeze() vs Const in JavaScript by Bolaji Ayodeji.

  2. Defining the Core Web Vitals metrics thresholds by Bryan McQuade.

  3. Javascript is weird? by Bolaji Olajide (my twin :))

  4. Why marketers should care about mobile page speed by Daniel An & Pat Meenan.

  5. Designing to introduce kindergarteners to reading and writing by Lola Salehu.

  6. Understanding Async Await by Sarah Drasner.

  7. TypingDNA Verify - A New Way to Authenticate Users by Edidiong Asikpo.

  8. Commerce Layer raises $16M Series B led by Coatue by Filippo Conforti.

  9. Disabling a link by Scott O'Hara.

  10. An ex-Googler's guide to dev tools by Beyang Liu.

Product of the Week ✨

Polywork is a new professional social network because it’s important the world knows who you are and what you can do.

Do check it out here and follow them on Twitter.

Good Tidings 🔊

  1. You should check out the Beginner JavaScript text guide! This guide can be used as a stand-alone guide or a quick reference for all the different parts of JavaScript.

  2. ICYM the Jamstack ecommerce 101 workshop at JSNation Live 2021, you can catch up at your own pace with the workshop material, including links to all resources.

  3. You should check out this kit which contains a collection of templates, guides, and resources that will help you improve your online presence and make a great first impression.

  4. “…Invest in your tools. I’ve never regretted buying high-quality equipment that is for my job. You don’t save money by hanging onto a slow computer, it costs you money. In the same way, a cheap shirt ends up costing you more in replacements than a nice shirt. I know it’s a privilege to buy nice things. It’s not a requirement, I’m just suggesting you invest in yourself when you are able, particularly in the tools that are part of how you make money.” You should check out Chris Coyier’s 40-for-40 list to get more insightful gems like this.

  5. Next week is open-source maintainer week! Check out this repository for events happening, and take some time to thank the superheroes who create the projects you love.

  6. Here’s a full Udacity scholarship for selected Nigerian women to complete any Nanodegree of their choosing within a 6-month time period. You can learn more and apply here.

  7. Want to get started with open-source? Learn how to make your first open-source contribution on GitHub in 5 mins.

  8. You can now sponsor freeCodeCamp on GitHub! Please support Quincy and his amazing team to keep creating code learning resources for millions of people worldwide.

  9. Check out Nader Dabit’s story on The ReadME Project, where he shares how he found his calling, ventured into the world of programming, and mastered React Native.

  10. Check out this guide on coordinated vulnerability disclosure for open source projects. It includes templates for security policies and disclosure notifications.

  11. Are you interested in learning more about cloud engineering? Then, check out these live streams to learn core Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud concepts.

  12. If you're looking to build global ecommerce web experiences, you should check out the Commerce Layer ecommerce starter built with Commerce Layer, Next.js, and Sanity studio.

  13. You might want to start your week by listening to this playlist on Spotify containing relaxing worship instrumental hymns.

Book Recommendations 📚

  1. All of Grace by Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

  2. How to Develop a Super Power Memory by Harry Lorayne.

  3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.

  4. 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know by Kevlin Henney.

  5. Forge Your Future with Open Source by VM (Vicky) Brasseur.

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Quote of the day 💙

“You cannot kill the truth. You cannot kill justice. You cannot kill what we are fighting for.” —Jean Dominique

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