[BAWD #26] On Burnout, Working Hard, and Jamstack eCommerce

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I trust you had a blissful week?! Btw, here’s a friendly reminder that burnout and working hard are not the same thing. There seems to be a glorification of burnout as a measure of success or hard work. This alone has made some normalize and give themselves prizes for burning out instead of finding ways to curb it. You don’t need to burn out to work hard; please take good care of yourself and stop giving yourself a badge of honor for burning out.

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Featured Articles ✍️🏾

  1. Introduction to Headless Content Management Systems by Bolaji Ayodeji.

  2. Where do I start my journey to headless commerce? by Fabien GASSER.

  3. How Progressive Web Apps can drive business success by Sébastien Fourault.

  4. Introducing WebContainers: Run Node.js natively in your browser by Eric Simons.

  5. Managing Questions from Business Stakeholders by Stephanie Morillo.

  6. Precaching in Create React App with Workbox by Houssein Djirdeh.

  7. Don't Rush to Simplicity by Shawn Wang.

  8. React’s greatest power may lie in its open source ecosystem by Klint Finley.

  9. How to Read More: The Simple System I’m Using to Read 30+ Books Per Year by James Clear.

  10. An Introduction To SWR: React Hooks For Remote Data Fetching by Ibrahima Ndaw.

Product of the Week ✨

StackBlitz is an online IDE where you can create, edit, and deploy full-stack apps with faster package installations & greater security than even local environments.

Do check it out here and upvote on Product Hunt.

Good Tidings 🔊

  1. I’ll be giving a Jamstack eCommerce 101 workshop at JS Nation Live on June 3rd, at 16:00-19:00 CEST. In this workshop, you'll learn about the evolution of ecommerce and how Jamstack and headless commerce evolves shopping experiences on the web.

  2. You should check out this new and amazing CSS course/reference to level up your web styling expertise. This course breaks down the fundamentals of CSS into easy-to-understand pieces.

  3. Here’s a handy web accessibility checklist derived from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 AA), including implementation guides with no and low-code solutions.

  4. The Parcel team recently released Parcel 2 beta 3, which includes a rewrite of their JavaScript compiler in Rust and improves the overall build performance by up to 10x.

  5. I'm creating a curated list of Jamstack and technical writing resources. It would help if you check it out and contribute.

  6. Do you help maintain an open-source project? There’s a virtual gathering for the maintainers who make open-source possible organized by the amazing folks at GitHub.

  7. Got people who find it more convenient to bother you with their questions than to Google it for themselves? You can utilize "Let me Google that" to solve this problem :).

  8. If you're looking to build global ecommerce web experiences, you should check out the Commerce Layer ecommerce starter built with Commerce Layer, Next.js, and Sanity studio.

  9. You can now sponsor freeCodeCamp on GitHub! Please support Quincy and his amazing team to keep creating code learning resources for millions of people worldwide.

  10. Check out DomEvents, a visualizer to help people learn about the DOM Event system through exploration.

  11. Are you interested in learning more about cloud engineering? Check out these live streams to learn core Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud concepts.

  12. The Ministry of Testing exists to advance the software testing industry in a fun, safe, professional, and forward-thinking way. If you’re in Nigeria, you should join the Ministry of Testing Lagos community.

Book Recommendations 📚

  1. A Quest for Godliness — The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life by J.I. Packer.

  2. Zero to One by By Peter Thiel and Blake Masters.

  3. The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy by Thomas J. Stanley, William D. Danko.

  4. How to Develop a Super Power Memory by Harry Lorayne.

  5. SVG Animations: From Common UX Implementations to Complex Responsive Animation by Sarah Drasner.

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Quote of the day 💙

“Just because you take breaks doesn’t mean you’re broken” —Curtis Tyrone Jones

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