[BAWD #17] The Forgetting Curve and Tiny Experiments

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I trust you had a blissful week?! Btw, here’s a friendly reminder that the harder our brain has to work to retrieve information, the more that neurons strengthen in the retrieval process. 💙

The forgetting curve hypothesizes that information is lost over time when there is no attempt to retain it. As humans, we halve our memory of newly learned knowledge in days unless we consciously revise it. Hence the need to utilize techniques like Active Recall and Spaced Repetition to interrupt the forgetting curve and retain knowledge longer.

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Featured Articles ✍️🏾

  1. How to Ask Effective Questions: A Practical Guide for Developers.

  2. Automate GitHub Dependency Updates with Dependabot.

  3. Git Reset to Remote Head – How to Reset a Remote Branch to Origin.

  4. 6 Red Flags I Saw While Doing 60+ Technical Interviews in 30 Days by Uduak Obong-Eren.

  5. Preemptive Pluralization is (Probably) Not Evil by Shawn Wang.

  6. Build your own React by Rodrigo Pombo.

  7. Learn About Algorithms and Data Structures in this Free 6-hour Course by Beau Carnes.

  8. Arduino Starter Kit Project 03 by Ogheneyoma Okobiah.

  9. Extremely Useful Lodash Methods For JavaScript Developers by Yogesh Chavan.

  10. 15 Project Ideas for Web Developers by Edidiong Asikpo.

Product of the Week ✨

Mobilo Wood Card is a brand new, NFC-powered, smart business card made from wood, which provides companies and business owners with an opportunity to distance themselves from paper waste and embrace recycling.

Do check it out here and upvote on Product Hunt.

Good Tidings 🔊

  1. Why is it so hard to finish what we start? Check out the book “Guide to Tiny Experiments” by Sam Julien to learn a simple framework that will help you prioritize and finish projects.

  2. Here’s a very useful and comprehensive repository containing JavaScript-based examples of many popular algorithms and data structures.

  3. Here are 720 free online programming and computer science courses you can start to expand your horizons.

  4. Are you hiring entry-level (someone with no on-the-job experience but ready to learn and adapt) folks in tech? Kindly reach out to DiversifyTech.

  5. I'm creating a curated list of resources about using the JAMstack. Do check it out and contribute too.

  6. Open Source Initiative is looking for an Executive Director to lead and grow the OSI's efforts in the open-source software ecosystem.

  7. You can now sponsor freeCodeCamp on GitHub! Please support Quincy and his amazing team to keep creating code learning resources for millions of people worldwide.

  8. Freecodecamp is expanding its Python section into a full-blown data science curriculum with advanced mathematics and machine learning.

  9. Are you interested in learning more about cloud engineering? Obinna hosts live streams to explain core cloud concepts like IAM, EC2, Google Kubernetes Engine, S3, Route 53, etc. You can watch his past streams here.

  10. Stop wrestling with CSS. Here’s an amazing all-new interactive course designed to help JavaScript developers become confident with CSS. Do check it out!

Book Recommendations 📚

  1. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.

  2. Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning by Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III, and Mark A. McDaniel.

  3. Salvation Plain and Simple by Curtis Hutson.

  4. Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear.

  5. The Coding Career Handbook by Shawn Wang.

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Quote of the day 💙

“Never miss twice. If you miss one day, try to get back on track as quickly as possible” —James Clear

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