[BAWD #08] 2020, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and Staying Positive. 💙

Hello there 👋,

It's been a very long while since you heard from me, I've been well and I hope you are too. The current global pandemic has brought several shifts to how we perceive life, interact, work and communicate. While this is going well for some, it's a nightmare for others and possibly a combination of both for some (like myself).

During these trying times, let's all try to adjust to the shifts, stay positive, follow medical && government advice, check up on our friends, enemies, and families. I hope we all get to hug, party and travel soon like we used to before.

I bring you good tidings today, this is my first newsletter in 2020 so I'll try to summarize all I've been doing, building, and writing for the last 4 months. :)

Latest Articles ✨

Special Updates ✨

  • I have a Patreon account, If you want to $upport my current and future work, do support me here.

  • My mom Angie Jones and top Patreon have started a new series of weekly live streams every Wednesday at 12:00 PM PST where she takes a specific automation challenge and comes up with a recipe for solving it. Links to the streams and calendar reminders can be found here.

  • Getting a job in the tech ecosystem requires some talent and job hunting skills. Being a junior or mid-level techie with less work experience makes it even worse as companies want to hire the best talent and don't believe you're competent. We have therefore created WeJapa to help techies gain access to tech jobs across Africa, Europe, and North America. Check it out and download it for Android or iOS.

  • If you're struggling with imposter syndrome, you might want to check out this tweet thread && this.

  • I redesigned my blog and added some more pages (PS: It's fully powered by Hashnode's Devblog).

  • I have spoken at and attended a couple of events this year. Keep track of all my talks and slides/ videos here.

  • I'm creating a curated list of resources: books, videos, articles, speaker decks, tools about using the JAMstack. Check it out and ensure to contribute here

  • I'm creating a curated list of resources: articles, books, videos, tools, podcasts about technical writing. Check it out and ensure to contribute here

  • Ever wanted to ask a master inventor, test automation expert & senior developer advocate who owns 25 patented inventions to her name questions? On 15th May at 06:00 PM (GMT) you can ask Angie Jones all you've ever wanted to ask on the next Hashnode AMA session. You can start asking your questions now, you will be emailed once Angie replies to your question.

  • Have you seen the She Inspires series at Hashnode? This series is all about talking to the awesome women in tech, understanding the current health of the tech industry, and inspiring other women to become better. Check it out here.

Quote of the day ✨

“All big things come from small beginnings. The seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision. But as that decision is repeated, a habit sprouts and grows stronger. Roots entrench themselves and branches grow. The task of breaking a bad habit is like uprooting a powerful oak within us. And the task of building a good habit is like cultivating a delicate flower one day at a time.”

― James Clear

Today's inspiration ✨

“Don't spend your entire life waiting for the best time to make that move – write that article, build that side-project, apply for that job or ask that question today. The best time is always now!"

That's all for this letter. See you next time and stay safe! ✨.
Shout out to my current Patreons: Maya Shavin, Angie Jones​ , and Ifeora Okechukwu.

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